Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Events: Deborah Harkness

I just got home from the Deborah Harkness event at Murder by the Book. I first want to thank Murder by the Book for hosting an amazing event! Deborah is the author of the Discovery of Witches trilogy and is on tour promoting the second novel Shadow of the Night. I have seen Discovery of Witches, but have not read it so when I saw it on Murder by the Books newsletter I decided to pick up both books. The movie rights for the trilogy were sold last year to Warner Brothers and things seem to be moving along. Along with writing 600 page novels Deborah is also a history professor at the University of Southern California. I was so glad to see so many fans come out and support both Deborah and Murder by the Book. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Have you read the novel? Did you love it? What are some of your favorite book event moments?


  1. I am SO BUMMED I missed it. It's a great book and I am so glad to hear that there might be a movie! Yay - Diana and Matthew! :)