Saturday, September 22, 2012

Audition & Subtraction: Worst Blog Tour Ever

Amy Dominy and I

I'm thrilled to welcome TEAM CURLS to my blog! Amy is one of the nicest authors I have met and it's the only thing that has kept me from completely fan girling every time I seen her. See Amy gives us swoon worthy guys and great parents. She really does break the YA Mold! When we talked about Worst Blog Tour ever I loved with the idea!

Welcome to the Worst Blog Tour Ever!

Audition & Subtraction, the newest tween novel by Amy Fellner Dominy (OyMG), has just been released. Amy is celebrating by sharing her WORST moments of middle school. (Why should her characters suffer alone?) In fact, Amy invites you to share your memories too—with a chance to turn your angst into prizes. At the end of the tour, Amy will be giving away 2 PRIZE PACKS, each with a signed hardcover of Audition & Subtraction, book goodies and a $10 iTunes giftcard.

When Cari agreed to be part of my blog tour, I knew immediately what post I had to write for her site. See, Cari and I are part of a special group and we even have our own name: Team Curls.

Amy Dominy

If you’ve seen my author photo, you know I’ve got a ton of curls. Cari can straighten her hair for that sleek and beautiful look, but she can go curly, too. Back in my younger days, I would have been jealous. I wanted straight hair!! Nowadays, I truly love my curls. It’s ironic, but the thing that gets me tons of compliments today, got me nothing but grief back in school.

My huge mop of frizzy hair led to plenty of teasing and name-calling. I wanted to do something fabulous with it, but what? Every hair cut was a disaster, every perm (yes, I tried to control the curls) turned me into the human poodle.

Then, when I was about fourteen, I got a brilliant idea. I would lighten my dark brown hair and create beautiful, tantalizing highlights with a few squirts of Sun In.

Sun In, for those who don’t know, is a product designed to lighten hair naturally—but the results are permanent. I ignored that part and I bought a bottle. I didn’t give myself beautiful golden, sunshiny hair. I gave myself bright, orange hair.

Orange like pumpkin.
Like Ronald McDonald in bad light.
And it took FOREVER to grow out.

That was my worst beauty idea. Thankfully, I grew up and discovered I could work wonders with the right kind of gel and a good hair stylist. And I’ve never EVER tried to add highlights to my hair since.

Reading Amy's tour post I thought did she write about my experience or hers? Sun-in and controlling curls with a perm? Yeah I have been there! I still love the idea of makeovers because I'm constantly trying to find what works and reinvent the rest. I am sharing a picture of me from sophomore year with that poodle perm.

High School Cari
How about you? Ever try a beauty makeover or a new hairdo? Was it a success? Did you have a feature that you didn’t like then that you like now? Be sure to leave a comment and earn as many entries as you can for your chance to win a Prize Pack.

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Win an Autographed Hardcover, a Swag Pack and a $10 iTunes giftcard! To enter, please fill out the rafflecopter form below. (Only US and Canada, please.) The giveaway will end on Monday, September 24th

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  1. I'm jealous because my hair is pin straight and cannot hold a curl. I'd try to curl it in middle and high school,but it would fall flat after less than an hour!

  2. Holla!!!! I'm a curly girl too.

    Girl I soooo feel you. I went to school in a very white suburban neighborhood. I didn't mind. I loved my friends and where I grew up. Except they all were skinny with long straight hair. I on the other hand always struggled with my weight, had TONS of curves, and had this very frizzy curly hair that no one in my family knew how to help me with. SO I use to try to brush it out like the straight haired girls did. *le sigh* Hence all my year book photos for many years were puffy poodle like. Then one year I had the bright idea to use gel. Then for a few years I was so crispy you couldn't light a match near me. *le sigh* It took yeeeeeeeeears to figure out my hair. (My Cuban mama also had long straight blonde hair)

    I have so much experience that my sweet Baby Whimsy has a hair specialist for a mama.

    GREAT post.

    I think you look adorable btw.
    And I love the authors hair.

    (not an entry)

  3. I can so relate to you "Team Curls" 'cause I am also a curly girl. During my teen years (WAY back in the 60's) the flip was in - I would brush and straighten and put rollers in and finally get the flip all nice and tamed only to have my curls spring back by the time I got to school. Loved it when the "shag" came in and now I appreciate not having to much to my hair. Shampoo and shake is great. (Girls, you are SO cute in your curls!)

  4. Ah I adore Amy!!! Can't wait to read her new book. Look at you girls and team curls!!! I guess I'm team waves--I'd love ringlets!! I will admit, I tried a perm in high school. Bad bad bad bad bad idea. And I always had super blonde hair, but for some reason, I did the lemon juice/sunlight thing and it totally dried out my hair for a super long time. o_O

  5. Oh my gosh, I can totally relate! I had such curly hair when I was younger, and instead of embracing it, I tried straightening it...and this was before I knew about defrizzing products, eep! BAD IDEA. I finally learned that my curls were fab (and so much easier than forcing my hair straight!). Yay curls!

    Love this post! :)

  6. Congrats on the book! Didn't like a short haircut I got.

  7. Just have to chime in because I LOVE these comments. So great to know there are many curl-survivors (and those with straight hair who didn't know how good they had it.) Maria--that picture of you is awesome!

    1. (I'm sorry, I had to reply cause the comment box wasn't loading.)

      Anywho, I would kill for curly hair! You guys don't know how good you've got it! My hair just kind of hangs there. :(

      Megan@The Book Babe

  8. Ok, maybe 3rd time is a charm, I tried to comment twice before from my ipad and it never posted :(

    I LOVE Amy's books!! In the spirit of worsts and Team Curls here's my story: I had bone straight hair growing up and really wanted curls like my mom (which my brother got...i mean what guy really needs curly hair)so I convinced my mom's hair dresser & my mom to let me get a perm. Oh it was CURLY and I liked it until my brother teased me and called me "little orphan Annie". The cuteness of the perm wore off when it had to be grown out, talk about awkward phase! There may or may-not have been a semi mullet phase in that process. Needless to say I've embraced my straight hair but got a little wave to it when I had my son :).
    Keep up the great writing Amy and I can't wait to see what you are working on next!

    Sarah @ Sarah's Books & Life

  9. I was very intrigued by this worst book tour and glad that it's not about hating the book! That was a nice surprise!

  10. Great post! Thanks for sharing :) And yes, I had a middle school phase where I cut my hair short in a cute bob thinking it would be so cute like my friend's. Boy was I wrong. It never had the "cute" bob, it was just horrible. Then again, I was eleven and didnt' know much about hair styling. I have had my hair middle-long ever since.

  11. Oh wow. I have to say I've always had poker straight hair and always wanted curls. Thanks for sharing ladies!