Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Release Date: October 1st

Rating 5 of 5 Stars

Miranda Kenneally hits it out of the ballpark with her second novel Stealing Parker! I'm always afraid that I will never love the second book as much as the first, but that was not the case with Stealing Parker. Miranda is an amazing writer and she makes you fall hard for her characters.

The dedication reads:
"for all the girls struggling to find their place"

I think the dedication is timeless and anyone can relate to it, but also it's so very Parker. Parker's life dramatically changes when her mom comes out and leaves her father for a woman. Their church turns their back on them and Parker's friends tease her that she might also be like her mom. The bullying really gets to her and she quits softball, works on being the girly girl and hooks up with guys to prove she isn't her mother. Parker's actions scream broken and I could really relate to her. My mother was a teen mom and all I heard growing up was "you will be just like her" so I rebelled and acted similar to Parker to prove everyone wrong. I can say I have been there and I understand.

The thing is, Parker is so wrapped up in not being like her mom she doesn't see that her actions hurt people. Parker thinks that if she doesn't get emotionally attached then she won't get hurt, but the truth is that while a guy might not break her heart her friends do. Parker thinks she's immune to people talking bad about her, but when her best friend Drew talks her into being the baseball manager Drew’s friend Corndog asks Parker not to mess around with Drew like she does with other guys.

OK, enough with the heavy, let's get to the guys! Because Miranda never disappoints when it comes to hot guys and great kissing scenes. Parker has some very steamy scenes with a guy who has great hair and looks great in baseball pants! I know that's a teaser, but trust me you will know who I'm talking about when you read Stealing Parker.

Similar to Catching Jordan the minor characters are important and play important roles, like Parker's dad who always messes up Corndog's name. I also love Bo who bonds with Parker. If you are wondering how Stealing Parker and Catching Jordan tie in well they are both set at Hundred Oaks High. I smiled every time I saw Sam Henry, Jordan, JJ, Ty, Marie and so many others make cameos in Stealing Parker. Most of all I love the guy who steals her heart, but to give you any details would spoil the book. I will say that I think I love him a little more than Sam Henry, which is pretty shocking.

Miranda Kenneally did a fantastic job with her second novel and my hope is that everyone picks up Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker. I have read Stealing Parker a number of times and each time I get emotional at the end.

To learn a little more about Miranda look for her in Dear Teen Me, an anthology of letters by YA authors written to their teen selves which is also co-edited by Miranda and will be out October 31st.


  1. I'm in looove! And haven't even read Stealing Parker yet. I pre-ordered a copy of SP and have my fingers crossed that it 39 days early! I'm working with you toward that goal.Everyone should read Miranda's books!!

  2. I wasn't quite sure about Catching Jordan (I know, I know) but I love the sound of Stealing Parker - and a good portion of that may be due to your review. Thank you for sharing all of that and the great review.

  3. Aww yay! Catching Jordan has been on TBR list forever. Now I'm more excited to read that one and this one!

  4. Agreed. Miranda writes the best secondary characters. Mostly, she writes the best boys. I love how Parker's issues are very different than Jordan & Sam is different than Corndog...BUT they are all so good on the inside.

  5. Love your review!Can't wait to read this book!