Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Teen Me Trivia - Update

Are you ready for a Dear Teen Me Trivia? I asked the following authors to share a fun fact about their teen selves. Can you guess who said what?

Fact 1: Jessica Spotswood

When I was little, my great-grandma had this amazing pink bedroom that just wowed me. So when my parents built a new house, I decided that I wanted burgundy carpet and burgundy curtains. Then I inherited this amazing bedroom set - white and gold furniture with a canopy bed and matching bookshelf, vanity, desk, and dresser. It was amazingly girly, and it stayed that way until I went away to college and my parents moved.

Fact 2: Done Tate

My nickname was Devas, as in Devas-Tating! I worked at a hamburger restaurant, and one evening --my clumsy teenage self -- I accidentally overturned an 8-foot hamburger griller onto it's side. There was a loud crash that echoed all through the mall, and one knew quite what to do. Someone yelled, "Tate, you are Devas-Tating!"

Fact 3: Ilsa J Bick

My parents never let me watch any television, at all, other than educational stuff like National Geographic and The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Which completely blew because I had no clue what everyone in school was talking about.

Fact 4: Katherine Longshore

The only time I ever sneaked out of the house in high school was to participate in a National History Day competition at the local university. I had to sneak out because my parents thought I was doing too much - clubs, grades, drama, yearbook, etc. etc.

Fact 5: Charles Benoit

I lost every fight I was ever in - but I did learn to take a punch!

Fact 6: Mary Lindsey

I had no fear of reptiles or creepy crawlies growing up. As a teen, my neighbors would call me to come "get rid of" (or from my perspective "rescue") snakes from their yards.

Fact 7: Stephanie Pellegrin

When I grew up I wanted to train the whales and dolphins at Sea World. I realized you probably needed to know how to swim to do that, so I decided to major in meteorology (which I didn't do!).

Fact 8: Sean Beaudoin

One fun fact is that I used to be a roustabout at the circus. And I think cotton candy is evil.

Fact 9: P.J. Hoover

Was captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and a member of the astronomy club.

Fact 10: Miranda Kenneally

I drove an aquamarine LeBaron convertible with a white top and I thought it was the most badass car ever. (It wasn't)

Fact 11: E. Kristin Anderson

I was the Southwestern Maine Class A Track & Field. 1600 meter Racewalk Champion in 2000.

Fact 12: Jessica Lee Anderson

I tried writing my first novel in high school, but given my past writing flops, I didn't want to tell anyone about it and kept my manuscript pages hidden under my dresser.

Fact 13: Geoff Herbach

Fact: Along with playing football, I also played cello. My junior year, my neck grew from lifting weights. My orchestra shirt barely buttoned. My bow tie strangled me. While performing, I swallowed and my adam's apple moved up and down and that made my bow tie bounce. People in the audience laughed, because my bow tie kept bouncing. Soon, I was swallowing in rhythm to the song we played, so that my bow tie bounced in time. The audience roared. At the end, my orchestra teacher smiled and bowed and then walked over to me and whispered, "I am going to kill you. Do you understand?" I swallowed out of fear and my bow tie bounced. He thought I mocked him. "Get off my stage," he hissed. I missed the rest of the concert just because my neck was too big.

I want to thank Zest Books, Miranda Kenneally, and E. Kristin Anderson for letting me be part of the Dear Teen Me Blog Tour! I also want to thank the wonderful authors who made this post possible. Dear Teen Me is available today so pick up a copy!

Leave your guesses in the comments and come back later today for all the answers!

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