Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Post: Andrea Lynn Colt

I would like to introduce Andrea Lynn Colt. Andrea recently self published her first novel TORCHED. I first heard of TORCHED from Jessica Spotwood and if you take a close look at the cover you will notice that Miranda Kenneally blurbed the cover! I asked Andrea to share five things that we need to know about Torched. She was also kind enough to provide us with an excerpt of TORCHED.

5 Tidbits About TORCHED:

1. Our heroine Rose isn't one to take things lying down. She makes mistakes, and often isn't aware of how her actions affect other people, but in TORCHED she learns a lot about who she is and who she wants to be.

2. Because Rose is a cheerleader, I decided I should watch Friday Night Lights as "research." I didn't learn a ton about football or cheerleading that I hadn't already known, but I'm glad I watched FNL, because it's SO GOOD!

3. Rose is my favorite protagonist yet in my novels, and the first one I decided was awesome enough to publish :)

4. My favorite part about writing the book was figuring out what pranks Rose and Paxton pulled on each other.

5. Rose named her beloved car Cloudmonster. I only wish my car had that awesome of a name :)

TORCHED Excerpt: (never published online before!)

[At this point in the novel, Rose has broken into Paxton's bedroom and is searching his desk for clues :) ]

My attention caught on a spreadsheet, printed out and stapled. One page held all the pranks Paxton had pulled, or tried to pull, since getting home from summer camp this year, along with info on whether it had worked and the date he’d launched each attack. Holy crap, the guy was organized. I looked eagerly for information on the arson, but came up empty.

That didn’t prove anything, though. The rest of this stuff was small potatoes. I’d be surprised if Paxton was dumb enough to put an actual crime on his spreadsheet.

The next list was titled, “Possibilities.”

I scanned it and shuddered. “Mental note: check shoes before putting them on,” I muttered, then shoved the folder into my satchel.

Reaching back into the desk drawer, I pulled out a photograph: a snapshot of Paxton and me. Must have been seventh grade, since I had squirrel hair and wore an awful striped shirt, stained with ketchup or something. And those shorts ... I winced. Paxton wore his pocket protector. In the picture, we each had an arm around the other’s shoulders and were grinning our dorky little faces off.

Suddenly I felt, for some reason, about to cry. How had Paxton gone from my best friend to trying to send me to jail? I’d thought ... well, I’d thought at least part of our feud was just for fun. Sitting in his room, where he’d made me watch the entire original series of Star Trek, plus the movies, I allowed myself for a tiny moment to feel hurt.

Then I snapped out of it. Paxton had started this, and I wasn’t about to let him win. I put the picture back, then levered open the middle drawer. It held box sets of Star Trek DVDs. All the seasons, all the series. Some things hadn’t changed. I snorted and moved on to the lowest drawer.

When I finally levered off the front, I found ... more folders. These bulged, and when I opened the first one I realized each was a year, a whole August-to-August of my whereabouts and timelines and school pictures.

“So, so creepy,” I muttered, poring over junior year. He’d apparently sneaked salt onto my ice cream at the football team’s dinner, but I’d gotten distracted and let the sundae melt before I could taste it.

And—hey, I knew he’d been behind all the bird poop blanketing Cloudmonster the last Saturday of the school year. I’d never been quite sure, because Paxton had supposedly been taking the SATs that day. But he’d apparently skipped them, having done well on a previous attempt, and rented several cockatiels from a pet store. I hadn’t even known you could do that.

Footsteps pounded on the stairs.


I want to thank Andrea for stopping by and to learn more about her visit: www.lynncolt.com


  1. I am so impressed she self published this. Gorgeous writing, gorgeous cover. My friend loved and raved about this book.

  2. Cloudmonster? I wish I had thought of something that clever too.

    I do still name my cars.


    Great post.
    Awesome cover.

  3. I am soooo excited about this one! I was glad when the author approached me for a review...I am so going to make time very soon for Torched. I love revenge stories! :D Just reading that excerpt has made me want to make this my next read!!! Thanks for sharing, Cari! This book totally deserves the attention!