Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway: Stealing Parker

When thinking about interview questions or a guest post with Miranda I went through a lot of ideas, but I really wanted to know from Miranda was what Parker was like before Stealing Parker begins. You can find my review of Stealing Parker here and read on to find out what Miranda has to say about Parker.

Interview with Parker before Stealing Parker!

Who is your biggest influence in life?
My older brother, Ryan. In high school, he was star of the baseball team and made great grades. He got into a great college - Vanderbilt. My parents are so proud of him. I want to make them proud too.

Tell me about your best friend?
My best guy friend is Drew. He's on the baseball team and the football team, and he wants to be an ESPN reporter one day. Drew and I love having Harry Potter movie marathons together. My best friend is Laura. She's the star pitcher for the Hundred Oaks softball team. We love dressing up and doing makeovers together. We go to church together too.

What's your dating life like?
Kind of non-existent, unfortunately. I've liked a few guys, but nobody really rocks my socks off yet. Yes, I just said rocks my socks off.

What's a typical Friday night when you aren't playing softball?
I like going to Jiffy Burger with the guys or going to the football game. If Drew doesn't have a football game, we have Harry Potter movie marathon night! Oliver Wood is hot.

Any plans for playing softball in college?
I hope so! I made the varsity team both freshman and sophomore year, so I have high hopes I can make it onto a college team like my mom did.

Favorite activity?
Painting my nails weird colors.

Favorite memory?
At camp when I was a kid, we received mail from our families. But if anyone got more than 3 pieces of mail in one day, we had to sing a song in front of the entire camp. And of course, my parents sent me 15 postcards in one day. I had to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, but I loved knowing how much my parents loved me.

What the most exciting thing, to you, about becoming a senior?
I'm really excited about softball. I want to see our team go far this year.
I'm also excited about Prom and the Winter Wonderland dance. I hope I meet somebody who I want to go with.

I want to thank Miranda Kenneally for doing this wonderful guest post and Source Books for providing the giveaway copy to one lucky winner!

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  1. Some of my best high school memories involved nothing to do with school, but more so when the bell rang, cramming into my friend Jamie's grand am, music up, cruising around town, hitting the back roads, going to someone's house, hitting up a party - ya, my high school years were much spent like that. Not a very good influence :)

  2. One of my high school memories is singing in the schools chorus and volunteering !

  3. I was a Pommie....yea, not a cheerleader, the dancer. What an experience that was.

  4. I remember always going to the gym with my friends and playing sports when it was open :)

  5. Sports!!!! I played for the golf team.. Favorite thing ever!

  6. One memory that always sticks out is watching Thw Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd. I thought it was so cool our teacher did that.

  7. I was homeschooled so I don't really have any interesting memories from it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My best friends boyfriend, a college student, refused to go to her senior prom with her. Under duties of a best friend it was my job to make him come home for one night to make her happy. It took my yelling at him for 20 minutes about his insane list of reasons why he couldn't come (including driving, car wash, tux rental, prep time, ect...) to convince him that he was being an idiot. Needless to say she was one very happy girl when he finally agreed. :)

  9. Hmm....not sure. OH! Senior year, for homecoming, we had "Push the Bus" contest, and I was so happy that we won. It was so much fun!

  10. Oh so many memories . . . I was very active in the theatre department. I can remember some 14 hour days staying for rehearsals. I know I complained about being tired at the time but we had so much fun putting those shows together.

  11. I still remember the time when my APUSH class played a prank on a secretary monitoring the class. We pretended to be Communists, playing the Soviet Union national anthem and were holding a lighter under the American flag. It was somewhat offensive, but one of the more ridiculous moments of high school.

  12. Once at luchtime, I was sitting at a table with a bunch of other people. Some kid walked over and asked if he could sit down, and we said yes. I guess I assumed that someone knew him... So we were all talking (including him) and after lunch we had a bunch of free time to go to our lockers and the kid came with us. We were just standing there when some guy a grade ahead of us came sprinting down the hallway towards us. The kid we were with started running and the guy just chased him down the hallway. I think we were all just so confused. It turns out none of my friends even knew the kid. It was weird...

  13. I remember being on the varsity swim team and having so much fun at meets and finals. And afterwards, we'd all hang out at someone's house and gorge on junk food :)

  14. One of my best high school memories was our grad trip, 3 weeks of backpacking through Europe. It was pretty incredible. We were in Interlaken, Switzerland at one point and my friend and I don't ski. For the trip, we all had unlimited train passes, so my friend and I decided to spend the day going to a few different cities and wandering around. We went to Zurich, Lucerne and another one I can't remember, but it was the best. Afterwards, I realized that we were only 16/17 and didn't tell anyone where we were going, but it was still amazing.