Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Event:Jennifer L. Armentrout

Last Saturday I headed out to the Opal Release Party. Some of you might remember that there was a poll about who should host the release party and Houston won by a small number of votes. The event was a huge success. I got to the event a half hour early and there was standing room only! Fans came from all over to meet Jennifer Armentrout and cover model Pepe Toth. Jennifer answered so many fan questions and of course everyone wanted Pepe to remove his shirt. Entangled and Jennifer provided incredible swag.

It was really great to meet Jennifer and Pepe. Some of you who have met me in person know my first name is Maria and when I met Pepe he sang Santana's Maria Maria. Ah hello, when a gorgeous guy sings to me the only thing I try and do is not pass out. Also he put the post it note with my name on his forehead. I think this means I get to keep him. Kidding, but hello he is so handsome!

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  1. He is so cute. And he sang to you? *sigh* Be still my heart.

    I love your bow top btw.