Thursday, January 31, 2013

Audio Review: Winter

Winter by John Marsden

Type: Audio book provided by Publisher

Rating: 3 Stars

I was surprised that Winter was such a short story. Most audio books range from seven to fourteen hours and this was only three. Winter's parents died when she was six years old and she was sent away to live with distant relatives. At sixteen she makes the decision to return home and live in her childhood home. She doesn't remember exactly how her parents died and she feels that if she returns home it will make sense. With no one to look after her Winter has become strong headed and sometimes comes across as bratty. I found it hard to connect to her. As the story goes on she finds out that the people left to care for her home were taking advantage of her. The more times she spends at her home she starts having flashes of memories. She also begins to investigate her parents deaths, but the truth is something she never saw coming.

If you like short mystery novels then I would suggest giving Winter a try.

Audio:This is the first time I have listened to Katie Hosking and it was not a great experience. Winter was published by Bolinda, an Australian company, so the narrator has an Australian accent that was hard to understand. Katie also speaks pretty fast and some of the words blur together. I constantly kept having to rewind the track and if I didn't concentrate I would miss things.


  1. This sounds kinda cool. I love mysteries and like the idea of a mini one. Great review.

  2. Wow, that one was on the short side. Thanks for sharing about it.