Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Triple Threat Blog Tour

I'm happy to welcome one of my favorite authors Jennifer Lynn Barnes! Jen is part of the Triple Threat Blog Tour and today she is talking about Nobodies, Nulls and Real World Psychology. Stay until the end of the post because there are two chances to win great prizes!

Nobodies, Nulls and Real World Psychology

The basic premise behind NOBODY is that people have a certain metaphysical energy to them, and when we interact, we exchange this energy. When someone makes a strong impression on you, that’s actually their energy leaving a strong mark on yours. All emotions that we feel for each other also trace their way back to these exchanges. In short, energy is what lets people love and be loved. It’s what lets us make our mark on other people and the world.

On the first stop of this blog tour, I talked some about Nobodies (who don’t have enough energy and therefore cannot matter to other people). But in developing the rules of this world, I actually drew a large portion of my inspiration from the flip side of the coin. In the books, “Nulls” are described as having so much energy that they cannot be affected by other people. They can be loved, but they cannot love others. Human beings do not matter to them—and in the Null’s eyes, people have virtually the same moral status as objects. They can be used and discarded, broken or played with. This is a terrifying idea, but it’s also one that is very much grounded in real-world psychology.

Psychopathy is defined in large part by the absence of empathy for other people. Psychopaths report reduced experiences of fear, as well as no remorse for their crimes. While getting my PhD in developmental psychology, I was once sitting in a lecture on psychopaths, and the lecturer put up a quote from a psychopath who’d been shown a picture of a woman making a fear face and who had been asked what emotion she was feeling. The psychopath’s reply was something along the lines of “I don’t know what that’s called, but that’s the face women make right before I stab them.” When asked why they feel no remorse for killing people, psychopaths often indicate that they don’t understand what the big deal is—after all, the world is full of people. Why would a couple here or there really matter?

Those lectures were the things I kept coming back to as I came up with the world-building for this book: what kind of supernatural or science fiction framework could explain a total lack of human empathy? And if individuals who can be loved, but cannot feel love exist, what about the reverse? From there, everything fell into place: the psychopathic Nulls, the secret society dedicated to hunting them, the maximally unnoticeable individuals who would make the perfect assassins, and the psychological costs to someone who could feel empathy to be raised to kill those who could not.

One lucky person will win a finished hardcover copy of Nobody and the new paperback edition of Every Other Day!

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Jen talking about Every Other Day:

The Triple Threat Blog Tour Grand Prize

* There are a total of 15 pieces to the puzzle - one for each stop on the tour.
* Collect all 15 pieces to reveal the cover of Infinityglass by Myra McEntire (pubbing in July)
* Submit the assembled cover via the following link by no later than 2/12 at 10pm ET. You will be entered to win the 6 book Grand Prize Giveaway of: Jennifer Lynn Barnes' Nobody and Every Other Day, Kate Ellison's Butterfly Clues and Notes from Ghost Town and Myra McEntire's Hourglass and Timepiece.
* The puzzle can either be assembled electronically or a picture of the assembled printed pieces is also acceptable
* The winner and completed cover will be posted on Myra McEntire's blog on 2/13.

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  4. She is a new author for me. The Nobodies in this series sound so mysterious and a little scary.

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    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

  7. This is very interesting, I need to start reading up on this tour. How exciting; Thanks Cari!!

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    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Thanks :)

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