Monday, February 11, 2013

A Day with: NetGalley Concierge

Welcome to my new monthly feature "A Day With" where I invite someone in the book industry to walk us through their day. A Day With was inspired by Harper Bazaar’s “24 Hours With” it’s a monthly article in which a designer will talk about their daily routine. I hope you enjoy this new monthly series of posts!

Thanks so much for inviting us to tell your readers what really goes into being a NetGalley Concierge! Being a part of the NetGalley team is such a great experience—from the people we work with to the books we help spread the word about. It’s a lot of work to make thousands of books available for request to professional readers, but we all love the job so much. It’s difficult to explain in an hour-by-hour breakdown, since so much of our day depends on what’s scheduled beforehand and what new surprises are sent our way. Here are the things we do every day:

·         9am:
o   Pour the coffee and say our good mornings to each other. We’re a really tight-knit team and bounce ideas off of one another all day!
o   We send out a daily welcome email to new members who signed up the day before. It includes tips and tricks for filling out a profile so publishers know who has requested a title and how to navigate the site.
o   We all dive into our inboxes right away to answer publisher and reader support, which comes in throughout the day and, sometimes, throughout the night and weekends too!
§  Example reader questions—will you please reset my password? This file is not downloading, can you help? (If you ever have questions, please check our Knowledge Base and click the “Contact Support” link if you can’t find an answer to your questions!)
§  Example publisher questions—how do I upload a new file for my title? Can you help me test a widget so I can invite my contacts to view the book?
·         10am:
o   Draft and send out newsletters to promote new titles to our members, in the genres they like most. This involves designing the email, getting final approval from the publisher, sending it out to members and sharing via Facebook and Twitter. We also confirm that the newsletter was sent for the publisher(s) and compile information about how well the email was received once it has been out in the world for a while. Here are some recent examples of messages we’ve sent to members who are opted in to receive them (make sure you are, too)!

·         11am:
o   Train new publishers on how to use the site—we show them how to set up new titles, upload their files, manage all the requests that come in, how to invite people to view the file, where to view feedback that is submitted, and how to manage the account overall. This isn’t just for new publishers, though! We often do refresher courses for our publisher clients, especially if they have new publicists/marketers who are just being introduced to the site.
·         12pm:
o   Assist in NetGalley development. We’re continually enhancing the NetGalley site, and the Concierge Team needs to test new features before they’re available to the whole community! For instance, you may have noticed the new title rollovers that were recently introduced when you’re browsing titles in the catalog.
·         1pm:
o   Social media fun time—we love our readers and we love interacting with them on a daily basis. We make sure to monitor our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day to see what our readers and publishers are saying, and sometimes add your comments to our Tumblr! We also have social media campaigns such as our weekly Feed Your Reader Fridays where we ask our community a book-related question before the weekend. So keep an eye out for our outreach in 2013!
·         2pm:
o   Hundreds of new titles are created in NetGalley each week! We help publishers with file imports, test the files when needed, and notify publishers of errors. When we can, we also assist in troubleshooting file issues.
·         3pm:
o   We’re always looking for new, exciting ways to help start buzz about new books. We spent a lot of time brainstorming with our publishers on how they can incorporate NetGalley into their campaigns, as well as working with industry partners like Publishers Lunch, EarlyWord, the ALA and Library Journal (just to name a few!).
o   We also attend some of the major trade publishing events each year, like BookExpo America and the London Book Fair, so we spend a lot of time planning for those events, scheduling meetings with publishers, and promoting titles that will be at the show to our members.

·         4pm:
o   Often, members of the Concierge Team will go to a publisher’s office to meet with the publicists and marketers in person. Sometimes we walk them through training for a specific area of the site, but most often we’re there to discuss promotions they are working on and help them connect with the NetGalley community.
·         5pm:
o   Wrap up daily support. As I mentioned earlier, support is ongoing! We’re answering emails as quickly as we can all day to help members and publishers have the best NetGalley experience possible.

Whew! As I said, it’s a lot of work but we love helping get books into the hands of professional readers like you who are helping move the meter on book discovery.

I want to thank the NetGalley Concierge Team for participating in A Day With! To learn more about NetGalley visit


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