Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Why Google Reader! Why are you leaving!

I'm sad that google reader is going away. If you are like me then you follow a number of bloggers and the best way I keep up with them is thought google reader. So if haven't heard google reader is going away tomorrow. [cries] I was hoping that Google would change it's mind or say "JUST KIDDING", but no! [cries some more] So if you follow my blog by google reader I hope you will keep up with me on facebook, twitter, subscribe by email or rss. I have been blogging for over three years and I don't want to loose my followers!
How can you follow me? Well you can follow me here on my blog or on any of these:

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I just hope you continue to visit and leave your comments. This blog would be nothing without my readers!

Maria Cari


  1. I'll keep visiting and hopefully get better at it soon.


    1. YAY! I miss you friend!!! We need to meet for lunch soon!

  2. I'm with ya. I kept hoping it was something that would happen to non bloggers or something.

    Now it's 11pm and I'm online enjoying my last trip through GR.

  3. I didn't know Google Reader is saying goodbye... weird that I have not received any email about it.

    Anyways, I have your blog saved on my blog roll so I will still see new updates there! :)

  4. I had hoped that there would be some 11th hour happy news as well, but no such luck:( I imported all my google data into feedly so I am still following you and all my other favorite blogs there!

  5. I hated Google Reader kicked us all out. I had it set up just how I wanted it and was very content there. Bummer on them.