Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shopping Small Business Saturday

Hi Readers,

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I live for shopping. Oh you know the usual suspects: books, handbags, and shoes. So most people probably think I get excited about Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but in reality I don't really shop much on those days. Since working with Blue Willow Bookshop I have learned about Small Business Saturday. This is the day after Black Friday where you support small businesses. For me this means BOOK SHOPPING! So Saturday I headed to three of Houston's bookstores to show my support.

I first went to see my friends at Murder by the Book. I walked in the door and yelled "Happy Small Business Saturday!" I got to catch up with the staff and my awesome friend John recommend a book he loved. I also picked up a drinking glass with the word "Poison" on it. Seriously love this store!

I then drove down the street to visit Brazos Bookstore. This is maybe the second or third time at Brazos so I didn't walk in and yell a "Happy Small Business Saturday" greeting because I didn't want to seem crazy. I do love the shop and I was so happy to see a great YA section. I definitely plan to go back and visit a bit longer.

I then drove out to Blue Willow Bookshop where you guessed it I yelled "Happy Small Business Saturday!" I feel like I should have had a noise blower or maybe confetti. Then again Alice was working and she might not have appreciated confetti. I chatted with all of the staff and talked to GirlBoss about the new products. I was happy to see the store buzzing and everyone in the holiday/shopping spirit.

I had a great day driving around town visiting my local bookstores and will visit them again soon. Since not everyone in my life reads YA (shocking) I know I can count on the staff to help me pick out the perfect gift for everyone on my list. If you don't have a local bookstore to visit in your city or would love to learn more about my favorite local stores, then let me remind you that you can order from any of these great stores online or by phone!

These are all for me